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3827 Glenarbor Ln, Fort Collins, CO 80524
"My headlight burned out and I had originally taken it in to the VW dealer on College. They told me my car was 'too customized' and their tech said he'd never even seen my particular headlight configuration before and that I should consult Car Toys down the block. I did so and although they don't do headlights, they were kind enough to point me toward Metrick Methodz.
When I spoke with Brandon (the one man Audi-VW GOD) he spoke to me very matter of factly - asked me to just bring it in. No appt - just swing on in once the bulb I ordered came in. Bulb arrived in the mail and I took it in to Brandon's shop.
He proceeded to look at my car immediately outside in what this CA girl thought was too windy and cold. I'd say he fiddled with the lights for roughly 30-45 minutes and got it put in. Totally prepared to pay him for his time he told me 'no charge'.
I'm planning on taking my VW to him for as long as we are in Fort Collins."
-- Lisa G.